John Carpenter checks himself in to a Mental Institution with Amber Heard... Wouldn't you?

by Joey Paur

It has been quite a long time since John Carpenter has gone out and directed a film. Its been about eight years. Carpenter is the man behind classic films such as 'Halloween', 'The Thing', 'Escape for New York', and 'Big Trouble in Little China'. His next film project will be a film called 'The Ward' which is a psychological thriller that will star Amber Heard, who I most recently saw a lot of in 'The Informers', she was also in 'Pineapple Express'. THR reports:

Written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, the film follows the disturbing experience of a young woman in an institution who is terrorized by a ghost. It is scheduled to begin shooting in May.

" 'The Ward' is the kind of script that I've been looking for: a complex, visceral story, full of suspense and scares," Carpenter said.

I hope Carpenter will deliver a really good and suspenseful movie. Mental institutions are pretty freakin scary places, especially the old abandoned ones. It is a great setting for a horror film, the thing is, most horror movies that are done in this setting end up being crap. The best one I have seen was a little indie film called 'Session 9' if you haven't seen it then you should watch it. As for 'The Ward' I'm looking forward to seeing what Carpenter will do with the story.

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