New Pic from Guy Ritchies 'Sherlock Holmes' with a trio of characters

by Joey Paur

The photo above that was featured in USA Today is of Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams in the new 'Sherlock Holmes' movie for Warner Bros. Along with the picture is and interview with Robert Downey Jr. on how he feels about being nominated for an Oscar for his role as Kirk Lazarus in 'Tropic Thunder'.

"It's so funny to me that the role is a guy who is an Oscar-seeking moron. His whole motivation is Oscars," he says during a shooting break. He's starring in the first major big-screen version of Sherlock Holmes in more than 20 years, which moved from the streets of London to Brooklyn last month and wraps this week.

He then adds, "Irony is synonymous with pretty much everything that is going on."

I think it is pretty cool that he was nominated for the role. He was so damn funny. I think he and Heath Ledger are in the top running to win the award. I wouldn't mind if either one of them won the award, they both did such an amazing job. I think Ledger will win, but there is always that chance that he might not. Downey kind of explains his thoughts on the matter:

"It's weird, because what you have is real life, and then you have the movies," Downey says. "When they intersect, it becomes disquieting that it also becomes something to discuss. But that's part of the deal. Anything that happens privately is public."

Click Here to read the full USA Today article. Who do you want to win the award?