THOR Movie Update "Branagh gets it!"

by Joey Paur

It looks like Marvel Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada and Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis had a discussion on Twitter this week about a meeting that took place with 'THOR' director Kenneth Branagh. Maybe it's just me but I think the 'Thor' and 'Captain America' films are going to be HUGE! They may end up being bigger and better than 'Iron Man', in fact I'm counting on it. In this Twitter conversation that took place Quesada tells us:

"Okay, three words describe my day today ‘Branagh gets it!'"

"We can’t go into detail but maybe we can say that we met with Branagh about ‘Thor."

The details are the best part! They always leave out the details!

"Sweet is when [Branagh] starts quoting continuity and past storylines, The man has immersed himself in Marvel.”

As you may or may not know we reported earlier that the majority of the 'Thor movie will take place in Asgard but to make The Avengers movie possible they will need to find a smooth transition for Thor to enter Midgaurd or the world established in the first 'Iron Man' movie. This may be the reason why writer Brain Michael Bendis was brought into the project. He is responsible for several overarching storylines in Marvel books over the last decade, including events such as 'Secret Invasion' and 'House of M'. He would make a great story consultant to have on board to help make that transition of Thor into Midgaurd fan friendly and exciting.

Thor has the potential to be an epic film, I hope they develop it in the most grand way possible. I just imagine this thing on the same scale as Lord of the Rings. What do you think?

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