Game Trailer: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

by Joey Paur

Here is the trailer for the new 'Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 video game that will be coming out later this year. premiered the new trailer and I think it looks like it could be a lot of fun. I also think the graphics and design for the game should and could be better than what we have seen, but the game play should be pretty fun. Maybe things will get polished up before they release it. I think it is cool that they are going with the Civil War storyline.

The game play will include a improvement in the power combo system; instead of merely doing some extra damage, two combined powers will yield a new attack altogether, such as Invisible Woman creating a force field and Iron Man overloading it with energy, effectively creating a bomb, or even the classic fastball special maneuver. The Alchemy engine has been upgraded in several ways, including Havok physics technology a new 3D sound system and syncing character's lips to dialogue.

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