Hottie Hotster Amber Heard joins up with Depp in 'Rum Diary'

by Joey Paur


Recently Amber Heard was cast in John Carpenters next horror flick 'The Ward' now she has been cast as the female lead in another movie called 'The Rum Diary' opposite Johnny Depp, in which this film is a passion project for him. It looks like Heard's career is really taking off. I guess getting naked in 'The Informers' is really helping her career because it can't be for her acting ability in that movie. Being hot doesn't hurt either. Variety reports:

"Diary" will place Heard at the front and center of a love triangle in the tale of a washed-up, hard-drinking journalist named Paul Kemp (Depp) in 1950s Puerto Rico. Heard will play Chenault, the free-spirited girlfriend of a fellow journalist who cheats on him with Kemp, trying to convince him to run away with her.

The role drew strong interest from many a leading lady (Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley were among those reported to have been vying for it), though some had reservations regarding the nudity the role calls for. But that didn't inhibit Heard -- in the upcoming ensemble Bret Easton Ellis adaptation "The Informers," she spends all but one scene in the flesh. "Diary," however, also will offer the opportunity to showcase some dramatic chops.

Oh! So there you have it! She has no problem shedding the clothing for the art of film making. That will definitely win her the roles that other actresses have problems with when it come to shooting in the nude.  It will be interesting to see how she does when showcasing her dramatic chops.  Looks like we will see if she can really act or not.

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