Watchmen Video Journal #11 - Rorschach's Mask

by Joey Paur

Hey folks! We got a new Watchmen Video Journal to share with all of you! This is the 11th featurette one is really very cool and it goes through and discusses Rorschach's ever-changing mask, which we have all seen looks incredibly bad ass, and we all want one. Rorschach is played by Jackie Earle Haley, and I think he fits the part perfectly. The video Journal also features some new footage and behind the scenes stuff which is really cool. It starts off with our first look at Rorschach as a young boy which is played by Zach Snyder's son. It also discusses the challenges they faced in pulling off the constant changing of the famous ink blot mask. I have been loving these little videos, and can't wait for the movie! One month from today! ! Check it out below.

Source: Empire

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