Sneak Peak at Monday's Heroes and a Spoiler... First look at Sylars Dad

by Joey Paur

Ok Gang, I got a little sneak peak here for this Monday's heroes episode entitled 'Trust and Blood'. Heroes is making it's way back to being a good show again, I think this whole fugitives thing they are rolling with is pretty cool, I am looking forward to see where they end up taking it.

Below the trailer if you scroll down a bit past a couple other promo photos, we have the first look of Sylar's father in the show and I will say it is great casting! Some people may consider these a Spoiler so you have been warned!

Sylar's dad will be played by none other than John Glover. The same John Glover that played Lionel Luthor in WB's Smallville. Check out the photo below to get your first look. He looks like one hell of a crazy old man. He has a great look though.

Source: spoilertv

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