Another THOR Casting Rumor, who will Play the Villain LOKI?

by Joey Paur

Earlier today we told you about actor Alexander Skarsgård going out to lunch with Kenneth Branagh and how now he is in talks to play the lead character Thor. But what about Thor's evil ass brother Loki? IESB is reporting that what their sources are telling them and that is Josh Hartnett is on a short list of actors to play the villain Loki.

I would have never thought of casting him in this role but you know what? I think it could work very well.  The guy needs to be in a decent film, it's not like hes a bad actor it's just that he seems to have been forgotten. Hartnett has also never really played a villain before so this would be a first for him. IESB says:

Word is Josh and his camp are really interested because he has never played a villain before and after Heath Ledger's Oscar win for the latest comic book villain, Hartnett is intrigued by the character.

Hartnett is a good 6'3" and he has got the build. I also think he is a decent actor and again with the right direction, which I am confident Branagh will deliver, this could end up being a great performance. As far as casting rumors go for Thor I don't really have any complaints about them. Do you?

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