Kenneth Branagh goes to lunch with a Blond Guy so it must be THOR

by Joey Paur


This is one of those things that just kinds of bugs me. When News is created out of nothing. As you know Marvel is still on the hunt for a 20 something year old Thor for their movie. So now a casting rumor has hit the web like a wild fire on the fourth of July because Kenneth Branagh went to lunch with a blond actor. I actually saw this news early yesterday and didn't post it because it just seemed ridiculous. Now to see it blow up like it has is just insane! So here is the email that came into Latinoreview that started it all.

I had a first hand eyeball witness of Kenneth Branagh eating dinner at Blairs today accompanied by a young Blonde actor who i recognized from HBO's awesome miniseries Generation Kill that was on a year or so ago. I had no idea what his name was but I got home today and Googled him, his name is Alexander Skarsgård. I have no idea if he actually is Thor or not, maybe he's being considered, maybe he and Kenneth are just friends. However, it seems likely he is being considered since he's a young Blonde actor and seems to fit the description of the character. Two other men were with them but I didn't recognize either of them. I know it's speculative at best, even so I thought you'd wanna know.

It is very speculative! At least the the guy that saw it understood that. So why did this get posted across the web? Because it was confirmed that Branagh ate dinner at the restaurant that afternoon. No casting was confirmed, it wasn't even confirmed that he was at lunch with that actor Alexander Skarsgård. It was confirmed he ate lunch at a certain place. Don't get me wrong, I love latinoreview and think they are great guys! I just find it funny how these rumors get started.

So maybe it did happen maybe it didn't. We have no solid confirmation. But if this is the case, and Skarsgård is in the running to play the Mighty Thor or any other character in the movie, he definitely looks the part he is also 6'4". I have seen both Generation Kill and True Blood and I think the guy has the acting ability if directed well. So in the end I think he is a decent choice. I guess we'll wait to see what happens next. What do you all think?

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