Alex Proyas drops a Concept for Dark City 2

by Joey Paur

Personally Dark City is one of those films that I don't need to see a sequel to, but if there is one and it's developed by Alex Proyas, then so be it. I have to watch it. Dark City was such a great film and it took a very long time to gather a following because it didn't do to well at the Box office.  Now that the movie has a following it looks like a sequel could happen.

“I always thought it would be intriguing to have Rufus [Sewell], who was the hero in the first one, be the bad guy. He should turn nasty because he’s got unlimited power. That’s something I’d like to explore.”

That would be a very interesting concept to explore. I love the idea, and if the sequel gets made I hope he runs with it. One of the major draws for me would be to see where the original characters are at in this world. Which means it would be very nice to see the original cast members return such as Rufus Sewell, Jennifer Connelly and Kiefer Sutherland. According to Proyas the wheels are in motion.

“There have been some discussions fairly recently. It’s had this shelf life and just lately it’s done well enough that there have been some discussions about a sequel.”

If you have not yet seen 'Dark City' then you have to watch it! The movie is a sci-fi film noir which is absolutely incredible. So get out there and watch it! If you have seen it, what are your thoughts on his idea for a sequel?

Source: MTV

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