Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about why he is reluctant to appear in Terminator Salvation

by Joey Paur

There has been a lot of buzz going around that a young CG Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear in the new movie 'Terminator Salvation' movie being directed by McG. TheArnoldFans caught up with Schwarzenegger at the 2009 Arnold Classic and they found out what his hesitations are about appearing in the film. Arnold tells them:

“I have seen the movie, but I have not seen it as a finished product yet. I have not seen it yet with the Terminator special effects and some of the sound and the music is not in there yet and so on. So I really cannot comment on it, what the movie will be like as a finished product. There’s a rule that you never talk about a movie unless you have seen the finished product. But you know as I said to the director when they began that I wish them the best of luck, that I’m happy that they move forward with the franchise, I am very happy with where I am with my profession as the governor and they should try to find a way of doing a story that does not include me at all, not even one single shot in it. I don’t believe in that. To kind of have them go out and promote the movie and say you know Arnold is in the movie and everyone thinks that I’m the Terminator and in fact you only see one second of me in there and so I don’t think thats the right thing to do. And you know that’s the danger of that, and that’s why I feel reluctant to be part of the movie in the first place. So it doesn’t get promoted that way.”

So it doesn't sound like he is too happy about being in the film, even though it was only for a second. Even though he is not happy about the media spreading the word, it not the studio that is promoting him being in the film as much as it is fan website that are pushing the subject. Either way I am excited to see the movie, because it looks pretty incredible.

The version Arnold saw must have had him in it, but the last thing I heard is that the studio was waiting for some kind of approval from the Govenator and his people before the final theatrical cut. I hope he make an appearence, it would be pretty cool.

On a side note he was also asked by Sly Stallone to do a cameo in 'The Expendables' to that camo he says:

"Naturally when [Sly] asked me if I would do a cameo, which will just be something quick, like I walk out of a hotel or out of a office building and he will walk up and we will bump into each other and there will be some mumbling and then we will walk off. So it will be something very simple, that will be again, just a cameo, so that's what we're going to do. I promised him I'd do that and I'm looking forward to that."

I didn't think it would be anything more than that anyway. Its cool that he will take the time to do it though.

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