Mickey Rourke Will be in IRON MAN 2!

by Joey Paur


It's about bloody time! As you know Mickey Rourke has been in negotiations with Marvel regarding his place as a villain in 'Iron Man 2'. Marvel and Jon Favreau wanted him but he wasn't sure if he wanted to do it. It later came out that he was only offered $250,000 for the role of the Russian Villain known as Crimson Dynamo or a villain based around that character anyway, and after that everyone figured he was would not be in the movie. Then a video popped up online yesterday in which he gave the hint that he would be in it. Rourkes agent must have worked his magic because today deadlinehollywood says that Rourke got a significant bump in his offer and he has agreed to be in the movie.

Apparently nothing has been signed so this is not official yet. When it is official, I am sure Marvel will let the world know that they got him. Since this whole thing started I thought Rourke was the perfect fit for a comic book villain. Especially one like Crimson Dynamo. Rourke is actually in Russia this week promoting 'The Wrestler' and while he is there he will start researching his new villainous role. This is some pretty exciting news! I'm glad everything has been settled.

Source: DeadlineHollywood

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