More IRON MAN 2 Casting News Blunt is out Johannson is in

by Joey Paur

We just told you about Mickey Rourke's involvement with Iron Man 2 and how Yes, he will be in the movie. Now we get to follow that up with more 'Iron Man 2' casting news. As you know Emily Blunt was pursued to play the character Black Widow, but due to 20th Century FOX and 'Gulliver's Travels' there is a major scheduling conflict. Everyone hope that they could work it out so that she could do both films, but it looks like that dream is dead. It was confirmed that Blunt is out of 'Iron Man 2' and taking her place as rumored earlier will be Scarlett Johannson. Apparently she auditioned for the role first time around and didn't get it. I guess she was their back up plan. DeadlineHollywood says:

...unlike Mickey's quote, the deal for her is "just the opposite, a terrible deal made by CAA," one of my insiders says. "It's as bad as any deal that I've heard. It's lowball money. And it ties her to countless movies, including that ensemble The Avengers, which is what makes this brutal for a lot of actors."

Wow! That sucks! But you get what you pay for. Johnnson is very good looking but damn can she not act. Maybe Jon Favreau will work wonders on her and make her a better actress. Thats all we can hope for anyway. So to wrap it up, Scarlett Johannson is set to play Black Widow. I honestly don’t see Johansson in the role of Black Widow, she doesn’t really fit the character at all. To me she seems way to soft and pillowy. She doesn’t seem like a girl that could go out and kick some ass or have that kind of super hero presence. What do you think of that?

Source: DeadlineHollywood

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