Whoa! A Sequel to the hit film TAKEN is being Written

by Joey Paur


I don't know if you have seen the movie 'Taken' yet or not but if not you gotta go! This movie was awesome! And in it's fifth week at the box office it is still number 3 on the chart. The film stars Liam Neeson and was produced by Luc Besson and co-written by Robert Mark Kamen. These guys have worked together on films such as 'The Fifth Element', 'Kiss the Dragon', 'Unleashed', and the 'Transporter' franchise. 'Taken' is by far one of the best most they have collaborated on. In the LA Times there is a great article that I suggest you read that talks about the history of these two guys and how they started making movies together. Make sure you check that out. It is in this article that we are told that Kamen is working on a couple more films which includes a sequel to 'Taken' and a American version of 'District B 13' which is based on the 2004 French action film.

I am not sure where they could go with a sequel to Taken. The ending of the film was wrapped up pretty well. *Spoiler Alert* All the major bad guys were killed and the daughter was saved. So there is only a couple ways I can see this movie going. First they would get a completely different cast where pretty much the same thing happens. That would be a major crap way to go. You gotta have Liam Neeson in the film, but how do you work him back in a story that has been wrapped up unless you give him another little adventure that does not include the kidnapping of his daughter again, which would be absolutely ridiculous. So in the same way Jack Ryan is in the books like 'Patriot Games' and 'Clear and Present Danger' keeps finding himself in crazy situations I think they should do the same thing with Neeson's charater Bryan Mills. Just don't call it 'Taken 2'.

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