The Strangers 2 may have a director

by Joey Paur

I am surprised they are even moving forward with a sequel to 'The Strangers'. I thought the first movie was OK. It is a classic example of what not to do in a situation that the characters found themselves in, and thats why I liked it. Because the characters were so utterly stupid and lacked any kind of common sense that they deserved what they got at the end because of their stupidity.

Not to long after the movie came out it was announced a sequel would be made that would be written by the same guy that wrote and directed the first film, Bryan Bertino. Although he will not be directing the sequel. It is being reported at Blood-Discusting that French director Laurent Briet is in final negotiations to helm 'The Strangers' Sequel. Briet has work on the visual effects for 'The Ring' and has made a short film called 'Little Minx Exquisite Corpse: Rope a Dope'. So this will be his first feature film.

Not sure what the sequel is going to involve, but rumor has it it will take place in a trailer park. I just imagine it will be more people making the worst decisions of their lives. Going in places they shouldn't go, leaving people alone at a time when they shouldn't leave, running with scissors, they are all just bad ideas when being stalked by killers.

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