Sam Raimi Talks about SPIDER-MAN 4 and EVIL DEAD

by Joey Paur

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While Sam Raimi is down at SXSW showing people an early cut of his crazy awesome horror film 'Drag Me To Hell' he has given some updates on a couple of projects he's got brewin'.

There is word that hit the net that Raimi was going to be working on Spider-Man parts 4 and 5. But apparently that is not the case right now. Raimi tells MTV he is focused on only part 4 at this point:

"The writers, producers and I are working out what the story will be, but we haven't been talking in terms of Part 4 and 5. I've read that [about 'Spider-Man 5'] also, but right now we're just working on the story for ‘Spider-Man 4,' just that one film.

Raimi goes on to talk about sticking to the comic book material.

"We're definitely talking about working from all the material in the comic books and nothing [invented] outside of that, All the characters or villains, whatever we decide to do will be from Stan Lee's creations or those that came after him."

He does make a little comment about a villain or villains, I just assume there is going to be more than one villain at the point but hopefully no more than two. He is currently in the early writer stages of the movie so there is time to figure it out. As far as casting is concerned we all know Tobey Maguire is in, but not much word on what is going on with Kirsten Dunst. Apparently Raimi is out of the loop when it comes to the negotiations between her and the studio.  But he does say:

"I can't imagine making a ‘Spider-Man' movie without Kirsten. Of course it can be done because Spider Man has existed without the character of Mary-Jane but she's one of my favorite parts and it would be a shame not to have her in the picture. I'm hoping she'll be in it and I'm planning on having a story with her in it."

So it sounds like he wants her back. Guess we'll see what happens.

So what about this Evil Dead remake? I didn't think it was going to happen. Personally I would much rather see a fourth movie added to the franchise instead of a remake especially after Raimi gives this little bit of news:

"I have talked with my partners about having a young director come in and remake Evil Dead,"

Yeah, I'm sorry but it would be hard to bring myself to go see an Evil Dead movie that was not directed by Sam Raimi. I would rather the remake never happened if this is the case. He goes on to loose my interest in the film when he says:

"That film was made in 16mm on a shoestring budget and blown up to 35mm. The visual effects are crumby, it was done in mono, not even stereo, let alone 5.1. What you could do with it now would be so much better. I think if you had a new director using the full power of 35mm and 5.1 sound, you could really make a pretty socko presentation. It was always meant for the big screen, but never really seen on the big screen"

See, no. Shooting it in 16mm, the sound, all that stuff is what gave the movie its perfect charm! Take that away and Evil Dead ceases to be Evil Dead. Even Bruce Campbell has said if they make the movie again it should be under the same circumstances. Using all of the things they used to make the first film. The only thing I could agree on is getting better sound, other than that if you polish it up too much it will just be another movie that blends in with everything else.  Since Raimi isn't thinking about directing it anyway what's the point? Don't make the film.

Source: IGN

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