Sopranos Creator to make HBO Mini-Series Based on Early Hollywood

by Joey Paur

HBO is consistently working on such incredible projects and it looks like they have a new TV mini-series in the pipeline being developed by 'The Sopranos' creator David Chase. HBO announced that Chase would write, produce, and direct a few episodes of the new mini-series called 'Ribbon of Dreams' which will revolve around the history of Hollywood moviemaking from its begins in the early 20th century to the present day. This sounds like quite a big and ambitious project but one that will play off wonderfully. Variety reports:

"A Ribbon of Dreams" will revolve around a cowboy and a mechanical engineer who form an unlikely producing partnership in 1913, making them pioneers in motion pictures.

The mini will follow the characters as they first work for D.W. Griffith and then eventually with marquee names such as John Ford, John Wayne, Raoul Walsh, Bette Davis and Billy Wilder. It will track the growth of Hollywood from the age of silent Westerns to the golden age of talkies and onward. As the longform moves on to the latter part of the 20th century, the action will shift to the main characters' offspring.

Title comes from Orson Welles' description of film as "a ribbon of dreams."

The history of Hollywood and filmmaking has always fascinated me. The series will cover each period of Hollywood movies, starting with the silent era of westerns and comedies, throughout the golden era of the studio system, eventually taking us to the emergence of the great directors of the 70's, and finally up to the current Hollywood of studio blockbusters and independent films. I'm excited to see who they will focus on and how they tell this story.

The picture above is of the first film studio to open up in Hollywood it was called Nestor Films which opened up in 1913. Notice Universal Films right under the big Nestor lettering. The cross street are Sunset and Gower.

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