BLACKLIGHT Concept Art for Video and Movie

by Joey Paur

Fox Atomic has recently made a deal with indie video game developer Zombie Studios to take their original action property concept 'Blacklight' and turn it into a movie, comic book series, and video game. That a pretty damn good deal if you ask me. This was just an original idea that will now be developed in three different mediums by a studio. That's pretty cool. Variety reports:

Property is described as a covert military action story set 25 years in the future.

Film and vidgame will be written by Jason Dean Hall, whose credits include the upcoming Ashton Kutcher starrer "Spread."

Atomic, the youth-targeted production division of Fox Filmed Entertainment, also houses a graphic novel division.

"We are excited by the huge potential 'Blacklight' has to succeed across multiple platforms," said Fox Atomic prexy Debbie Liebling. "It offers us a remarkable franchise opportunity for film."

It should be interesting to see how this property develops. I really hope they put some effort into this thing and it gets a great production. Since they are spreading this across three different platforms most likely the money will be spread out as well, which worry's me because instead of getting a full on awesome movie and a really cool game, they may get the half-ass treatment. Thus being robbed of quality for quantity. I guess we'll have to see.

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