Guilermo Del Toro's DONT BE AFRAID OF THE DARK remake Going into Production

by Joey Paur

If you have not heard yet Mirimax and Guilermo Del Toro are remaking the 1973 horror film 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark'. I know I have seen this movie before sometime during my teenage years when I would go to the video store and rent countless horror movie to watch with my friends. We are always looking for the crazy horror flicks. I am pretty sure this one made it into the mix but it blends into a blur of other horror movies.

The film is being produced by Guillermo Del Toro and he also co-wrote the script with Matthew Robbins. Directing the film is a guy by the nmae of Troy Nixey who wrote, produced and directed a film called Latchkey's Lament back in 2007. The movie will start shooting this May in Australia. Here is the story synopsis of the film:

Trapped in a hidden basement, the vicious supernatural occupants of a mysterious Victorian mansion hunger for new victims. Newly arrived at the house, only 8 year old Sally Hurst realizes the nature of the menace. Now, if only the adults around her would...

The original film Plot summary goes something like this:

A neurotic housewife named Sally and her business exec husband move into Sally's family house, a spooky two story Victorian mansion. When Sally starts the redecorating along with her pompous decorator she comes across a locked room in the house. After arguing with the handyman who insists she should leave the room locked, she finally gets the key. But once she opens her father's old study and has the bricks from the fireplace removed, strange things begin to happen. Sally begins to see small creatures everywhere, but no one will believe her. Her husband dismisses her as neurotic and her friend thinks Sally may be loosing her mind. But things take a deadly serious turn when the decorator trips at the top of the stairs and falls to his death. Sally sees a rope lying across the place where he tripped, but when she picks it up to take it, a horrifying little creature pulls it from her grasp. Is she crazy? Or has Sally released demons in the house, demons her father summoned?

I really have no emotional attachment to this movie so I really can't get pissed off for Del Toro making it again. I love horror movies, and It imagine it will be a vast improvement from the original. I say that because the original was obviously forgettable since I can't remember it, even though I know I have seen it.  I'll have to watch it again sometime soon to get reacquainted.

Source: Blood-Disgusting

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