Michael Bay Responds to Transformer 3 Release Date.

by Joey Paur

Yesterday the internet went crazy with announcing that 'Transformers 3' would be relaesed July 1, 2011. It was pretty much only a date so I just Twittered the damn thing. It looks like Paramount jumped the gun. Michael Bay got wind of the date and has this to say on his website:

I said I was taking off a year from Transformers. Paramount made a mistake in dating Transformers 3 - they asked me on the phone - I said yes to July 4 - but for 2012 - whoops! Not 2011!!! That would mean I would have to start prep in September. No way. My brain needs a break from fighting robots. -- Michael

So there you have it folks! Unless they bring in someone else to direct 'Transformers 3' the movie Michael Bay is doing isn't coming out until 2012. But, this is even furthure confirmation that no matter what Michael Bay says he and Paramount plan on making a thrid Transformers film. I bring this up because Bay has said a few times that he hasn't made any of the transformers movies with a sequel in mind, which I just don't buy for a second.

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