THE BOOK OF ELI Behind the Scenes Video

by Joey Paur

We have a behind the scenes look at Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman's next movie 'The Book of Eli'. This video is brought to us by Entertainment Tonight where they are on the set of the film in New Mexico as they are supposedly shooting a climatic scene. I am really interested in seeing how this movie turns out. The film is being directed by The Hughes Brothers.

Denzel plays a lone warrior named Eli, who determines that it's his destiny to bring civilization back from the brink of destruction -- and save the future of humanity. Out next year, the film also stars Gary Oldman, Jennifer Beals and Mila Kunis.

The film is directed by The Hughes Brothers, Allen and Albert ('From Hell,' 'Dead Presidents'), and Albert says, "It's great working with Denzel, Gary, [Mila] and Jennifer, because it's basically like you get all the toys. Everybody's stepped their game up, and everybody's having fun."

Mila's character is the daughter of Jennifer Beals, with Gary Oldman as her stepfather, and she goes on a journey with Eli in a wasteland where there's barely any food or water. "The sun exploded. It's crazy," she says. "All the trees are dead, everything green is no longer there, there are no books, there's no literature, no education. It's the future, but imagine the future as of 2000 years ago."

Albert elaborates on the setting: "In 2030, there's very few pockets of civilization," he explains. "People are like cannibals; there's stretches of not seeing people for long distances; Denzel's character doesn't see anybody for like the first ten minutes until he reaches this town. He comes for water…"

Check out the video below.

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