THE THING Prequel: Ron Moore Gives an Update

by Joey Paur

It's been a couple months since we reported on what is happening with 'The Thing' Prequel. Rumors began to swirl around that the 'The Thing' would be remade, but the story broke back in September that it would not be a remake but a prequel leading up to the event's in John Carpenters classic sci-fi horror film. In January we reported that Matthijs Van Heijningen would direct the movie and Ronald Moore writer and creator of 'Battlestar Galactica' would write the script. Until today we have not heard much about where the project stands. Ron Moore gives us an update on what is currently going on.

"I was working on The Thing. I finished. I did my last draft a few weeks ago and turned it in. They [Universal Pictures] seem happy. They have a director [Matthijs Van Heijningen] assigned, and we'll wait to see when and if they green-light it."

If everyone seems happy with the script then I am sure it will get the green light. Moore goes on to explain how this movie is a prequel and not a remake.

"Well, the idea was to make a companion piece to Carpenter's. I started on the project with the feeling that Carpenter's version is just an amazing piece of work. It's a great film, and we really wanted to honor that version.

"We wanted a piece that would link up to [the Carpenter film] and not supplant it. So we didn't try to sort of completely reinvent what it was. We wanted a movie that would sort of live alongside it."

I am really excited about this project! 'The Thing' is such a great sci-fi horror film. I was pissed when the rumors hit that it would be remade, but now that this prequel will serve as part of the original story I am pretty stoked.

What do you think?

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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