More G.I. JOE Movie Footage has been Screened

by Joey Paur

Who's excited for the new G.I. Joe Movie that is being directed by Steven Sommers!? I want to be! I want to be excited for this so bad, but I just have the feeling I am really going to be let down. I try to keep a positive outlook on the film just to make myself feel better about it, and I have a speck of hope for it. But I just have a feeling its not going to make me or any other hard core G.I. Joe fans happy.

So far the only footage we have seen from the film comes from the 30 second Superbowl trailer spot. But Paramount Pictures recently screened five minutes of the movie in Australia. And we have a description of the footage that was shown for you. Your imagination may be able to put together a better picture than what was actually showed anyway. So here it is!

The footage established the premise that an international military task force has been setup to combat global threats. The base of operations seems to be a sandy desert somewhere with one of the early effects shots showing a secret circular hangar bay door opening for an advanced Harrier-like jet to land. Later on we see two lumps racing under the sand and disturbing a caravan of camels.

The main thrust of the story in the film is that the COBRA organization have taken microscopic robot nanites, originally developed as a way to cure cancer, and have been able to reprogram them to do almost anything.

A demonstration involves the launch of a missile containing some nanites that have been programmed to eat metal. The missile is fired from some sort of underwater vehicle in The Seine, it streaks across Paris and hits the Eiffel tower. The tower is eaten away, bits of the lower arches start falling off as people scatter, and the tower itself collapses.

Destro (Christopher Eccleston) talks about the plan and is seen operating from COBRA's own secret base which is a huge underwater facility under the Arctic ice. Much of the visual effects footage, albeit mostly incomplete, showed what looked like a climactic attack by GIJOE's forces against this base - think "Thunderball" meets "Seaquest" with lots of sleek looking CG submersibles attacking similar vehicles and/or the giant metal spires that make up the various wings of the facility.

Another big portion of the footage is devoted to the body armor worn by the good guys. The body suit essentially covers everything but their face (which is covered in retractable glass/plastic) and is said to enhance a person's strength, speed and agility. We briefly glimpse the CG heads up display on the inside of each helmet as well.

Cut to a truly bizarre scene in Paris where two people (Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans I think) in the suits are running through the streets as European luxury cars with retractable guided missile launchers built into them fire rockets at the duo. The two guys jump, flip, dive through a train, get flung off the back of a truck that gets blown up, etc.

Later on there's a scene with The Baroness (Sienna Miller) on top of a a building's massive glass ceiling as Tatum's character lands on the far side. As he runs towards her, she sets off some device and the ceiling explodes upwards in a massive shower of glass that sends him tumbling.

While we glimpse Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in the footage a few times, there was no sign or even hint of Cobra Commander as far as I can recall.

There is no doubt the movie will be action packed and over the top! But as far as the story and script go I can only hope it ends up being a lot better than 'Transformers'. As much as I loved 'Transformers' the story and dialogue was it weakness. Bring that strength over to G.I. Joe and I will be happy. What are your hopes and dreams for this movie?

Thanks to Darkhorizons for the footage description

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