Greg Rucka wants WHITEOUT to be a Film Trilogy

by Joey Paur

We know there is one 'Whiteout' movie which was supposed to be released in 2008, but for some reason got pushed back to September 11th of  this year. The movie stars Kate Beckinsale and was directed by Dominic Sena. If you don't already know, 'Whiteout' is based on a comic book created by Greg Ruckas about a U.S. marshal (Kate Beckinsale), the only one assigned to Antarctica, who must investigate a murder on the frozen continent within three days before the arctic winter begins. She crosses paths with a U.N. operative (Gabriel Macht), also investigating the murder. The following description is from the graphic novel.

You can't get any further down than the bottom of the world - Antarctica. Cold, desolate, nothing but ice and snow for miles and miles. Carrie Stetko is a U.S. Marshal, and she's made The Ice her home. In its vastness, she has found a place where she can forget her troubled past and feel at peace... Until someone commits a murder in her jurisdiction and that peace is shattered. The murderer is one of five men scattered across the continent, and he has more reason to hide than just the slaying. Several ice samples were taken from the area around the body, and the depth of the drilling signifies something particular was removed. Enter Lily Sharpe, who wants to know what was so important another man's life had to be taken for it. But are either of the women prepared for the secrets and betrayals at the core of the situation?

We saw a clip of the film back at the 2007 Comic-Con and from what I saw it looked really good. But apparently Greg Rucka hopes that that the studio will want to do 2 more films:

“We’ve always thought that Carrie [Stetko]’s story had three parts. The third one — which was always going to be the last one — addresses the idea of how this woman who has had this very intimate relationship with Antarctica ends up leaving.”

“The slogan for it was always ‘Carrie’s Leaving The Ice — The Only Question Is How, and we would show one of those big galvanized coffins being loaded onto a carrier.”

This potential franchise obviously depends on how the first movie actually does in theaters. If it does well them we might have something here, if not then we all know it wont happen. Ruckas goes on to say:

"I don't think anybody's gotten that far, because nobody knows how the film is going to do, But they haven't closed any doors. I think the potential is there."

I'm sure there is potential. I am just waiting to see the movie before I determine how much potential there is. I hope it's good. I think it will be a decent movie, the question is how many people are going to go see it?

Source: MTV

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