Movie Review: KNOWING Shame on me for thinking it would be better.

by Joey Paur



Really?! That was it? Were the last words I spoke at the end of the new Alex Proyas film staring Nicholas Cage ‘Knowing'. I am just dumbfounded with this film. I was expecting something much, much better, and that's my fault for expecting so much, but I like Alex Proyas' movies. I just have no idea what in the hell he was thinking when he did this one, and why he cast Nicholas Cage.


I thought the concept was cool but they took it in a totally different direction than where I thought it would go. Seriously! The last thirty minutes of the film was a completely different movie from the first hour and a half. These could have been two separate films and if done right they could be really cool movies, but it just didn't mix together well for me. I kept wanting to like this film! I kept thinking, "Oh, I could let this slide, or I could let that slide", but the more I saw of the movie the more I was like "Well damn, this is just pretty damn ridiculous".

I even thought maybe Nicholas cage would do a decent job in this film. I Know! If you see me you can slap me for thinking such madness. I thought at least the story would be strong around Nic Cage's bad acting. His best role was in ‘Raising Arizona' it's all been down hill from there. He was absolutely terrible in the role he played! Why in the hell did they cast him! Why do people keep casting him! He sucks! It was like watch Mark Wahlberg in ‘The Happening', that's how wooden his performance was. It was like he wasn't even trying. Or maybe Alex Proyas can't direct actors very well. It wasn't just Nic Cage either everyone in the movie was exceptionally mediocre. This movie would definitely have been much better had Proyas cast anyone other that Nic Cage, I think Cage was the films major downfall.

If there is one thing to like about the film it is Alex Proyas' visual eye and imagination. It just didn't come together very well. There were a few plot holes scattered throughout the movie making some of the major turn of events confusing because things aren't explained to how Cages character came to certain conclusions.

The special effects in the film were done very well. There were some pretty amazing visuals to behold, but as you all know visuals and special effects alone cannot carry a movie. There are three major disastrous events that take place in the movie 2 of them you can watch the full clips of online, the third and last event of the film you get a little glimpse of in the trailer. So as good as the effects were they do not save the movie.

The movie was not an utter loss though. It had its moments. It is not one of the worst movies ever made. I really liked how it started and I thought the ending was incredibly interesting but in context to the story it was also kind of out of place. There may be some people that may like it a lot more than I did. I guess if someone goes in with low expectations for the movie they may like it. If you are one of those people that liked ‘Knowing' I want to know why.

I'm not the only one that felt this what though. Everyone I heard talking about it in the theater afterward didn't seem to like it either.

I wanted ‘Knowing' to be a strong and solid film, and With Alex Proyas directing it I thought it would be. As far as I am concerned though he dropped the ball. Going in with the high expectations that I had; the disappointment was that much greater.