by Joey Paur

Even though the series finally of Battlestar Galactica has aired it doesn't mean the world that has been created is over completely over. We have another Battlestar Galactica TV movie that we will get to see in the fall called The Plan which will focus on the cylons and their point of view of everything which should be really interesting. And if you don't know, Edward James Olmos is directing it. Check out the trailer below.

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan - Trailer

We also have a whole new TV series we will be able to watch called 'Caprica'. I know it may not look that appealing, but as long as the story and writing is as good as Battlestar Galactica was then it should be a decent show to watch. I plan on giving it a shot. For me it looks really interesting. Just because it doesn't take place in space an on the Galactica doesn't mean it wont be a good show. I really hope it is. The trailer for the new Caprica series is below.

Caprica - Trailer

I am excited for both of these shows. So what are your thoughts on 'The Plan' or 'Caprica'? Are you looking forward to checking them out?