Sam Raimi Confirms EVIL DEAD 4 with Bruce Campbell?

by Joey Paur

OK. This is just getting a little out of hand. It all started last year when Raimi Mentioned doing a fourth Evil Dead movie at Comic-Con. Since then it has been a frenzy of trying to find out what in the hell is really going on because we keep hearing different things. Yes Raimi wants to do it, but no he wants someone else to remake the original version with a bigger budget and better effects. Then Campbell comes out and says that the stories should no longer involve the character Ash. If Ash isn't involved then who wants to see the movie? He did go on to say:

“I think there should be an end to everything,” he responded when asked whether the character of Ash is worthy of more movies. “I mean, did anyone really want ‘Indiana Jones 4′? The answer is no. I’ve taken a poll in about seven theaters now. Of 300 people, three hands go up. You are bound to disappoint.”

I think 'Indiana Jones 4' could have been really good if they would have done it right, but they didn't, which is why most people didn't like it. After seeing 'Drag me To Hell' I am confident Raimi could put together another fantastic Evil Dead movie. The question is will he end up being involved with both a fourth film and a remake? He recently spoke to MTV and went and told them that yes, he wants to make a fourth Evil Dead Movie with Bruce Campbell. When confronted with this question Raimi responds:

“He can dream all he wants. He’s trying to get out of getting back in shape. I’m going to kick his butt in shape. I’m gonna say ‘get back in the chainsaw!’”

So does this mean that he will be back for an Evil Dead part 4?!It sure sounds like it!

“I hope to, yes. Every time I say I would like to [revisit the films], people say, ‘where the hell is it!?!’ But I’m just glad people are still interested. But yes, I would really like to do [another ‘Evil Dead’ film]. I’ve just got a commitment to make ‘Spider-Man 4’ right now though.”

If this actually happens it has to happen right after 'Spider-Man 4'. I want to see a fourth Evil Dead movie, I really do, but it has to happen soon! I just don't want to hear all of a sudden that it's not going to happen and then a couple months later Raimi telling us that it is. I'm tired of being teased! Just give us the movie already!

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