The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Ending that could have Been

by Joey Paur

As we all know there are several ways that Battlestar Galactica could have ended, but there was another ending that actually could have happened had the writers strike not happened. Personally I was happy with the way the series ended but there are some fans out there that were not. Here is what Ron Moore tells us the ending could have been:

There was a different ending that we had, it was all about Ellen aboard the Colony. She was sort of turned by Cavil, because she found out that Tigh had impregnated Caprica Six, and that deeply embittered her. And she sort of became dedicated to the idea of destroying Galactica and the fleet out of revenge. And [she and Cavil] got Hera, and then the final confrontation became very personalized between Tigh versus Ellen, and should they forgive.

That was the story, generally speaking. We didn't have a lot more than just what I spun out to you, when the writer's strike hit. Over the course of the writer's strike, I rethought about it and thought, "That's not going to do it. It's not epic enough. It's not interesting enough." That's when we decided to start over, and reinvent the last arc of the show.

I agree with changing that ending, it really didn't seem like it would be epic enough. I am still glad they went the route they did. When Moore was asked if he would ever revisit any of the Battlestar characters in the future he said:

You know, you never say never - which I've really learned in this business... I can just tell you that there's no plan to do anything like that. There's not even like a notion in my head. Right now, there are no plans. But you never know.

Practically speaking, the sets have been destroyed, so there's no set to go shoot on, and that would be an enormous expense to recreate those sets. Now, I will tell you that we digitally archived all the sets top to bottom completely. So we have a virtual archive of Galactica, and all the sets and props and wardrobe and all of that. So you could theoretically go back and try and do something again. We just sort of did that and put it in the vault for later. But there's nothing that I can see that lends itself towards that. And when you see the finale, you'll know that we really do put a period at the end of the sentence, in terms of the story that we've been telling.

First of all how sad is it that the set for the show was destroyed!? They could have sold it off piece by piece on E-Bay or something. If they ever did go back to revisit any of the characters It would have to be for an incredible reason. Also if he revisits any character after the show ended they would just need an open field as a location to shoot in. Moore also reveals that his favorite character in the series is Baltar.

In the mean time we have 'The Plan' and 'Caprica' to look forward too.

Source: io9

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