David Hasselhoff Talks about Samuel L. Jackson Taking on the Role of Nick Fury

by Joey Paur

As you may or may not know David Hasselhoff actually played Nick Fury in the 1998 movie 'Nick Fury: Agent of Shield'. Thank goodness that's over. Now Samuel L. Jackson will play Fury and I am glad because he is perfect for the role and a much better choice than Hasselhoff who recently talked to MTV about the role of Nick Fury. Here is what he had to say.

"I know Nick Fury inside and out now, but I've already got my validation. The greatest compliment I ever received was when Stan Lee was on the set and said, ‘You are Nick Fury. You are exactly what I imagined him to be.’”

Seems like he is a big fan of the character. As for Stan Lee's comment to The Hoff goes, really? Either he was just being nice and lieing to him or he was really telling the truth, which I wouldn't doubt. Either way, I don't agree with it. Maybe San changed his mind after he watched the movie. The Hoff goes on to say:

"I tried to parlay that into doing it as a feature character because it was so successful as a movie of the week, and then I saw that Samuel Jackson was doing it, and I went, ‘Great,' I love Samuel Jackson. He's a friend, and he was actually a neighbor of mine. He's a terrific choice for Nick Fury and he'll be so frickin' cool because he's got an attitude. The Nick Fury I played was written by David Goyer, who did some of the ‘Batman‘ movies, and it was more tongue-in-cheek and fun than dark.

Can you imagine a Nick Fury feature film starring The Hoff? Good thing that never got off the ground. It's cool that he is supporting Jackson as the character. Deep down inside he is probably screaming, but that's life. We don't always get when we want. It sounds like he had a blast while it lasted.

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