FREEDOM FORMULA Comic to be adapted by Bryan Singer

by Joey Paur

So it looks like Bryan Singer is still trying to figure out what he wants to direct next. A couple days ago we reported that Singer was eyeing a project called Prisoners starring Mark Wahlberg. Now Variety is reporting that New Regency and Fox has aquired the rights and is going to develop a big screen adaptation of the comic book series Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland and they want Signer to direct it. The question is will singer go back to work with FOX? The last time he worked with them was for X-Men 2 and he didn't come back to make the third.

So here is what the comic book is about:

In a future where corporations rule the new city states, extreme high-speed exo-suits called Vicious Cycles (VXs) race for entertainment on the track driven by captive members of a bloodline genetically bred solely for speed. Zee, the son of an escaped racer, returns to the city, manipulated by his father to fulfill his fate as a savior for the enslaved racers. Despite realizing this, Zee joins the illegal street race known as the Freedom Formula - a path that will rush him and all those around him to a fate with an exacting price!

Michael Finch has been brought on to write the screenplay for the movie. He most recently sold his spec screenplay Medieval to New Regency for a nice payday. Variety reports:

"Mike Finch came up with an incredible take that goes deeper into the mythology of the source material," said Radical's Levine, who is also working with Universal and Spyglass on the Radical comicbook title "Hercules: The Thracian Wars," with director Peter Berg attached and Ryan Condal writing the script, based on Steve Moore's five-issue comicbook series.

This project sounds like it could be very promising. I have yet to read the comic but from what I have seen and heard it looks like it's pretty incredible. It would be awesome to see some of these visuals come to life! As for Bryan Singer directing, the guy really needs to make a good film again. This could be it.

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