TRON 2.0 Gets another Temptress

by Joey Paur

Here is some interesting news regarding the casting of 'Tron 2.0' Serinda Swan has joined that cast  and claims that she and Beau Garrett along with two other actresses will play "temptresses from inside the computer world." Looks like Tron 2.0 is trying to bring in the sex appeal. She explains that:

"We're sort of the main guy's go-to girls. There are lights actually sewn into our wardrobe, so it's like nothing you've seen before!"

Not sure who she means by "main guy" it could be Kevin Flynn's evil cyber clone self. And who and why are these temptresses trying to tempt people? To throw them off their game perhaps? Lead them astray? Sounds interesting.Also cast in the film is Olivia Wilde from the T.V. show 'House'.

You will actually be able to see Serinda Swan tonight on an episode of 'Smallville'. She will play Zatanna who is some kind a magician. She says she actually played her spells backwards on her ipod so she could memorize some of her lines backwards, she also says when you replay her dialogue backwards it will sound intelligible. And Clark's mysterious wish is one that "turns him upside down." Also, she wants to find the spell-book to bring back her father, Zatara, because he died protecting her. The episode leaves the door open for her to return.

Source: TV Guide

Just in case you don't know what Oliva Wilde or Beau Garrett look like:

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