Gemma Arterton Cast as Io in CLASH OF THE TITANS

by Joey Paur

It was at the Empire Awards  that actress Gemma Arterton announced that she has been cast in Louis Leterrier's next film which will be a retelling of 'Clash of the Titans'. Just in case you have no idea who these people are Louis Leterrier is the guy that directed the most recent 'The Incredible Hulk' movie, and  Gemma Arterton was a Bond girl in 'Quantum of Solace', she will also be in the upcoming 'Prince of Persia' movie.

Arterton has been cast as Io a character not featured in the original 1981 film. Io was a river goddess who Jupiter fell in love with. Legend has it that Jupiter changed his shape into that of a cloud, and embraced her. He whispered words of love to her, and then planted an immortal kiss on her cheek. Jupiter's wife became suspisious when she saw a big cloud over the earth and Jupiter was missing from Mt. Olympus. As Juno began to investgate and Jupiter was about to get caught red handed he quickly turned Io in a cow hope to hide the romance from his jealous wife. So when Juno found Jupiter he was with a cow. Juno saw right through Jupiters trick and legend has it she said: "Oh what a beautiful cow. Will you, mighty lord and master of all gods and men, give it to me as a gift." Jupiter was trapped.  He did not want to give away his new lover Io. But in the end, Jupiter gave Juno the cow. He didn't really have a choice.

Not sure if this is going to be a side story in the new 'Clash of the Titans' film or if they are just going to use the character to fill the spot of one of the goddesses. Arterton starts filming her role in the next few weeks. I thin Leterrier is a fine director and will do a great job with the film. The have also enlisted the help of Ray Harryhausen who was the creator of the visual effects in the original film which is pretty cool.

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