GHOSTBUSTERS Trailers, Deleted Scenes, and behind the scenes Greatness

by Joey Paur

Ghostbusters is finally going to get released on Blu Ray June 16th 2009 and I can't wait to get myself a copy! I am obviously a huge Ghostbusters fan. But there is a ton of trailers, footage and special features that has been released from the original film and now is a time as good as any to show you some Ghostbuster movie stuff. Enjoy!

Original Teaser Trailer



Full Original Trailer

Ghostbusters Blu Ray DVD Trailer

Ghostbusters DVD Trailer

Ghostbusters: Special Effects - Library Ghost

Ghostbusters: Special Effects - Ballroom

Ghostbusters: Feaurette - Ruth Oliver Scream

Ghostbusters: Behind the Scenes

Ghostbusters: Deleted Scene - Janine and Egon

Ghostbusters: Deleted Scene - The Stairway

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