X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Full Movie trailer w/Deadpool Screen Shots

by Joey Paur

There is a lot of footage from the last trailer we saw for the new Wolverine movie but there are also a few little other clips, like what in the hell did they do to Deadpool! We showed you the Deadpool toy not to long ago, but this is our first real look at him with his new powers and his new look. I am excited to see the movie but I am incredibly disappointed with the changes FOX made too the character Deadpool. Check out the new full Wolverine trailer below and I have provided screenshots of Deadpool below that.

Watch the Trailer in HD over at MTV

Deadpool with the stupid ass looking blades.

Deadpool "the merc with a mouth" has no damn mouth!

Deadpool with laser eye ability!? What they hell?!

Now people are saying that this is not Deadpool but that it is Weapon XI. I don't believe this for that fact the box the toy comes in clearly says Deadpool, and even Hugh Jackman has said that Deadpool had been changed, and Marvel is pissed about what they did to Deadpool. Did they turn Deadpool into this Weapon XI? I hope I'm wrong.

Talk to me! What are your thoughts!?

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