More on... What in the hell did they do to Deadpool!? Spoilers

by Joey Paur

Ok, so this is just getting weirder and stranger. I'm not sure what is going on here, but we have some new details on what is going on with Deadpool in the 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' movie. This information could be a possible spoiler. I am not sure if this information is real or not but this is what I found out, and I still don't like it!

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson A.K.A. Deadpool is in the movie for 10 minutes in the beginning of the film. He is part of Stryker's team, and he is obviously good with swords and killing people.

So what about this new look we have going on in these pictures? Well, Stryker has this big plan to make the ultimate mutant weapon. A mutant with a ton of crazy ass mutant powers. This Mutant is called Weapon XI. I'm not finished yet! It gets worse!

Stryker uses Wade Wilson's Body as the mutant power receptacle. I assume all of the scarring is a result of getting all these mutant powers packed into the poor bastard. This is Weapon  XI and he is played by Scott Adkins, Weapon XI appears for about 10 minutes near the end of the film and has the claws, optic blast, teleportation ability, healing factor, and his mouth is sewn shut.  And here is the kicker. Are you ready for this?

Just like Weapon X is given the name Wolverine, Weapon XI is given the name Deadpool. Therefore this is FOX's version of Deadpool.

So there it is. If this is true then it sucks ass and I have no idea how they plan on doing a Deadpool spin-off unless, they do a prequel.

Apparently all of the other mutants that appear in the film will only come in for short periods of time as cameos. I guess Gambit only has a 10 minute scene  in the movie as well.

And One more BIG SPOILER about the film:

Toplessrobot also points out that there's a cameo by Charles Xavier at the end of the movie. They say, When Stryker's compound is falling apart and Wolverine is leading young Emma Frost and Cyclops out of the building, Cyclops suddenly knows the way out. When they get to the door, standing there -- oh yes, standing -- is Charles Xavier, controlling wee Cyclops' mind like he'll be doing several billion more times in the future. He's apparently not played by Patrick Stewart.

So there it is. So whats going through your head about all this? Rant back to us below.

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