The Rat Talks about the CONAN Movie he is not Committed to yet

by Joey Paur

It was announced not to long ago that Brett (The Rat) Ratner was going to direct the new Conan movie being developed by Lionsgate, Nu Image, and Millennium Films. Thank heavens for seven eleven that he denied that he was directing it! For now anyway. Here is what went down according to LA Times back in November.

But is Ratner actually committed to doing the film? In two words: Not really. When I called him today, he sounded somewhat agitated, unhappy that news of his negotiations with Lerner had surfaced, especially since he is extremely close to getting a green light from Paramount to make “Beverly Hills Cop 4.” “Let me make this very clear,” he told me. “I am not doing ‘Conan’ now. This is totally premature. For now, ‘Conan’ is only a development deal. I have a deal at Paramount and I’m doing ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ first, no matter what. Avi shouldn’t be telling you or anyone else in the press what I’m doing.”

Great news right!? It was a happy day to learn that Brett Ratner was not fully committed to the new Conan project. So what in the hell is The Rat doing talking about the film if he is not attached to it? Here what he is saying about the movie.

“The script is very cool, contemporary. It’s not an homage. It’s not a remake, really. It’s going back to the original source material — the mythology of the characters.”

So that's cool the script might be solid, thank goodness he didn't have anything to do with it! So far so good, so why bring him on board now? Apparently now The Rat is dropping hints that he is going to make a decision regarding his involvement with the project soon. Good Lord! Why is Lionsgate waiting around for this guy to make a decision!? First of all they should have never went to him in the first place, second of all when he passed on it the first time around they should have taken that as a sign counted their blessings and moved on to another director that has none of the qualities that The Rat has. Ratner goes on to tell MTV:

"[Screenwriters Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain] just did an incredible, incredible job or else I wouldn't be risking it. Because I know how difficult it is to do these movies and its something that I'm really excited about."

What is he risking!? The fanboy and fangirl community already hates his guts for what he did to X-Men 3. The guy has nothing to lose! He has nothing to worry about because for some hellish reason Hollywood keeps asking him to direct more movies even though his name is known for making crap films. But, Lionsgate has waited for him becuase from what it sounds like he still has a development deal on the project and he will be giving an answer on weather or not he is going to direct it for sure. I really hope he passes on the project. I would have never given him a chance to pass on it in the first place. What do you all think? Are you a fan of Ratner? If so, WHY!? He's not going to pass on it is he?

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