Are you ready for another MEN IN BLACK movie? Not Fake News

by Joey Paur

With all the April Fools day stuff going on today you never know what news is real and what is fake. This one sounds like one of the fake ones, but I double and triple checked the sources on this this little bit of new and it is legit.

So yes! According to /film and a bunch of other sources Sony Pictures has announced at ShoWest that they are currently developing a third Men in Black film. Personally I don't see the need of a third 'Men in Black' movie, especially for the fact that I seriously doubt that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be back to reprise their roles. But! If they did come back for a third film I would be excited to see it.

Sony didn't go into any details on what the story would be or who would star in the film, but you can bet they will bring in more nasty aliens, more insanely cool weapons, and big and better special effects. Who knows what the story will be like, or if Steven Spielberg will produce and Barry Sonnenfeld direct who did the first two films. All the right elements need to be in place when they make this movie otherwise it is going to end up being a piece of crap.

Whatever they do it is bound to make money which is why they are doing it. So I ask the question again. Are you ready for another Men in Black movie?

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