Angelina Jolie in Serious Talks to star in SIN CITY 2?

by Joey Paur

Angelina Jolie taking on the role of Ava in the 'A Dame to Kill' story line of the series, has been a rumor since 'Sin City 2' started being talked about back in 2006. Obviously nothing happened with the project because producers were not ready to roll with it, and it still looks like things are having problems. With the Weinstein Company loosing the rights to the property and Robert Rodriguez isn't even committed to direct the project, but he will produce. But according to insider over at Moviehole Angelina Jolie is in "serious talks" to star in the movie. In serious talks with who I have no idea, and they don't really say. But they say:

Now, according to my mole, the project has gathered steam and the filmmakers are trying to get Jolie to officially commit to playing the female lead.

What filmmakers? Frank Miller? He is the only one that is commited to the project right now and if he directs it we know it won't be worth seeing. They also say that Clive owen is loosley attached to reprise his role as McCarthy. Loosly attached means he isn't fully commited either.It would be much easier to figure out what is really going on with this casting stuff if we knew exactly were this information was coming from, but we don't. Worst case senario the movie doesn't get made or Frank Miller ends up directing it. Best case senario, all the stars alingn and everybody that needs to come back is back to do their thing, and they add more great people to the cast.  What do you guys think?