Dan Aykroyd gives an Update on GHOSTBUSTERS 3

by Joey Paur

I am pretty stoked that Ghostbusters 3 actually looks like it is going to happen. At this point their is no reason why it shouldn't unless the script and story end up being a disaster. At a little press junket for Ghostbusters: The Video Game Dan Aykrod revealed a few ideas about the movie. Just so you know, as far as we know there is no completed script yet, unless they aren't telling anybody that there is. There is one thing he has always stood by with this whole video game and that is that he considers the video game to be the third movie, or at least a nice lead in to the actual movie that will be made. Aykroyd says:

"when we do the Ghostbusters 3 movie, hopefully, Sigourney will be in, I know. We'll make that happen."

He says that with confidence. I don't see why she wouldn't want to do it. I hope she will! He goes on about what we might possibly expect from the film.

"But there'll be a whole new generation that has to be trained. And that whole new generation will be led by an individual that you'll all love when you hear who it is, but I'm not going to tell you now."

If I may, let me take a crack at this one. I have actually said this would be a good idea before but who else would be fit to lead a new generation of Ghostbusters other than Oscar, Dana Barrett's kid kid. Thats who I think it will be. He continues:

"There will be lots of cadets, boys and girls, who'll be learning how to use the cyclotron, the accelerators, and the new stuff. The nu-on splitter, the inter-planetary interceptor, all these great tools they're going to have to flip from dimension to dimension. Anyway. Game number two, maybe."

Did he just say flip flop from dimension to dimension? Will they be sending all these new Ghostbuster cadets into different dimensions? If any of this is true it sounds pretty damn interesting. I can't tell if he is getting the video game ideas mixed up with the movie. He did say that the Ghostbusters 3 screenwriters were influenced by the events in the new video game coming out, and that some of the video game elements are in the story out line for the script.  I guess we will have to wait and see when this thing actually forms into something solid. Any thoughts?

Source: Chud

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