Great Looking Poster for THE BROTHERS BLOOM

by Joey Paur

Rian Johnson director of 'Brick' has released a great poster for his next film 'The Brothers Bloom', which I am really looking forward to. What is so awesome about this poster is the fact that it was hand drawn and took 3 months to complete! Most everything done these days is in photoshop. The poster was done by Rian Johnsons cousin Zachary Johnson. He says on his blog:

Rian asked me to draw an unofficial poster for it — a sort of special treat for the fans and the people who made the film.  And so we endeavored to create a good old-fashioned Hollywood poster, like how they made them before Photoshop came along.

If you have not seen the trailer for this movie yet then please do your self a favor and watch it by clicking here. It a shame this wont be the official poster. Hope you like it!

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