Here is our First Official Image from Stallone's THE EXPENDABLES

by Joey Paur

Lights, camera, were rolling, action! KA - BOOM!!


The photo above is the first official photo from Sylvester Stallone's new movie 'The Expendables' and it looks like we are going to get some great old fashion real life explosions in there. The two people in the classic jumping off a dock during an explosion shot is of Eric Robets and Steve Austin. I have a feeling this movie is going to be very exciteing.  If it's anything like the last Rambo film then we are really in for a good treat. Eric Robert says of the experience:

Today I was attacked by Jason Statham firing a machine gun from a dive-bombing fighter plane, nearly burned alive by napalm and had to leap into the freezing Bay of Mangaratiba to save my ass. And how was your day???

The Expendables is currently shooting in Brazil and is scheduled for an April 23, 2010 release date. If you need a reminder of who else is staring in the film you got, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Brittany Murphy and Charisma Carpenter.

The Expendables Set Photo

Source:/film and Ain’t It Cool News

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