Movies I Can't Wait To See in 2009

by Joey Paur

Jimbo here with a little rant. Mostly to organize my own thoughts. These are the movies I am personally excited to see in 2009 (not really in this order):

1. HARRY POTTER 6: after WB made us wait an extra 6 months I know this one won't disappoint. Bound to be the most action packed/badass yet.

2. MOON: This is an-indie sci-fi flick that wowed those who saw it at Sundance. Should be pretty amazing. Plus Sam Rockwell is just cool.

3. UP: It's Disney, It's Pixar, It's 3D. I'm there.

4. 500 DAYS OF SUMMER: this one is an indie movie that I can actually see with my girlfriend. I guess it's romantic-comedy but looks like so much more. Zooey Deschanel is a cool chick and this is supposed to be her best yet.

5. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: YES YES YES please. If you haven't seen the trailer for this movie do so now! Spike Jonze has done something special here...

6. SHERLOCK HOLMES: Guy Ritchie directing Robert Downey Jr. Ok, I'm down. This still has the potential to suck or at least not live up to expectations.

7. THIRST: Chan-Wook Park is this amazing Korean filmmaker who brought us Oldboy and blew my mind. So him + vampires? Can't wait.

8. TRANSFORMERS 2: I just always see Michael Bay movies in the theaters because they are just so goddamn recockulous. This will NOT be an exception.

9. STAR TREK: Didn't like the series, didn't really like the past movies. Yet, I have a strong feeling EVERYONE is going to like this movie. Don't mess with me Abrams...

10. THE WOLFMAN: this is a remake of the classic w/ Benecio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. Hoping this has an ultra realistic, "historic" take on the story (like Bram Stoker's Dracula vibes?)

11. TERMINATOR SALVATION: So far, everything I've seen for this movie looks great, except the probable PG-13 rating... (T1-3 = R). But then again that other little Bale movie was PG - 13 and way badass.

12. THE BOX: Richard Kelly's new movie, just hoping it blows my gourd like his classic Donnie Darko did.

13. INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS: Quentin's is at it again. This time with Brad Pitt on his team. I'm sure this will be a bloody, fucked up movie that I will love.

14. AVATAR: James Cameron has spent millions and millions and 10yrs on this thing, telling us that it will change everything we know about movies and no one has seen anything like it. So that's a hard promise to keep but I have a sneaking suspicion it is not all bull.

15. BRUNO: Well, you saw Borat. This is Bruno. The trailer nearly offended me, so I'm sure the movie is wildly offensive/entertaining.

Also must add WOLVERINE: not going to actually put it on my list because for some reason I can't even tell if I'm excited for it. Regardless, I'll see it.

Anyone have anything to add?

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