TORMENTED Movie Trailer has a Zombie Ghost?

by Joey Paur

'Tormented' actually looks like it could be a decent slasher horror movie. It looks like a come back from the dead revenge movie. You have a bunch of popular high school kids who are just to cool to be nice to the outsider in the school, so of course to pass the time they decide to tease this kid and hurt him taking it to the point where he kills himself. I'm not spoiling any of the movie for you because it's in the trailer. It looks like the kids ghost comes back and starts killing those teenagers that crossed his path. Here is the official synopsis for the film:

Justine Fielding (TUPPENCE MIDDLETON) is the gorgeous head girl of her plush suburban grammar school, Fairview High. She has just won a place at Oxford University when In-Crowd hunk Alexis (DIMITRI LEONIDAS) asks her out on a date.

All seems perfect.... except that Alexis and his circle of friends aren't quite as good as they look. Led by tormentor-in-chief Bradley (ALEX PETTYFER), the clique’s 'too cool for school’ veneer hides a pack of inventive and merciless bullies who find it vastly amusing to persistently tease anyone they consider a worthless loser.

Their main target Darren Mullett (CALVIN DEAN) knows what his classmates did last summer. They bullied him to death. The overweight, asthmatic nerd was so relentlessly victimized by their cruel taunts, website intimidation and 'happy slapping' mobile phone recordings he committed suicide.

But being dead allows Darren to finally find the courage to stand up for himself. With nothing left to lose, he takes murderous revenge on his former classmates in increasingly brutal, bloody and imaginative ways. And the In-Crowd soon discover, to their horror, that there is little point reasoning with a very pissed off zombie ghost .

Not only is he a ghost he is a Zombie Ghost! I'm not sure how that's possible unless he turned into a Zombie then they killed him but whatever, that's awesome. Check out the trailer below!

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