ANGELS & DEMONS Featurette - Vatican City

by Joey Paur

We have another inside look at Ron Howard's next film 'Angels & Demons'. The first featurette focused on the music of the film, this new one goes into a little detail about Vatican city. It's like a very brief documentary narrated by Howard, about the history of the city and how it all ties together with the story. There are some behind the scenes clips mixed with clips from the film, some we haven't seen yet.

I have noticed opinions on this new film are are torn. Some people are really excited about it while some are turned off off by it because of how 'The Da Vinci Code' turned out. I love this story and from the looks of it this movie will be better than the last one. One thing I don't understand is why Ewan McGregor is getting the shaft on the marketing of the film.

Check out the video below and tell us if you think this is going to be a good movie or a bad one.

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