DR. HORRIBLE Sequel Possible Theatrical Release?

by Joey Paur


If you have seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog then you should be excited to hear that Joss Whedon and Jed Whedon are thinking about making a sequel to the cult webseries as a feature film! I really enjoyed the web series and thought it was great. Everyone involved did a fantastic job and seeing a sequel come to life would be pretty darn great. Whedon recently told Sci Fi Wire:

"we've talked about doing an actual studio film. The story we've talked about is pretty big, so it may end up being longer."

Longer than the web series. A common concern for doing this as a studio film is that the studio will try and change things, thus screwing it up. But, Whedon puts those fears to rest when he says:

Well, we don't want to be beholden to anybody. We want to do the product the same way we did the first one, which is out of our hearts, and then go to people [and say], 'OK, if you're interested in this, this is what it is.' Besides, it could be something theatrical. It could be something on the Internet again, where it's done on the fly and it all comes from us. We don't know how we want that to be. The best thing to do is to write it. Then we can start deciding a business model based on the script.

Sounds good to me! Whatever they decide to do with it as long as they do it is cool with me. Would you be excited to see a sequel to this movie?

There is also a pretty big spoiler beneath the videos.

And just in case you missed it here is the series below.

Act 1 Part 1

Act 1 Part 2

Act 2 Part 1

Act 2 Part 2

Act 3 Part 1

Act 3 Part 2

They could end up bringing back Felicia Day's as Penny for a sequel.co-writer Maurissa Ancharoen explains:

"Penny is definitely dead, but there are ways."

Source: scifiwire

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