HIGHWATER Trailer: A new Surfing Documentary by Dana Brown

by Joey Paur

So here is something you probably don't know about me that I will now reveal to you all. Not only am I a total movie geek, but I am also a avid surfer. And I don't mean surfing the internet. I am a beach bum and I love taking my board out and surfing the waves of Southern California. Yes, I know it's not Hawaii or Australia where the waves are absolutely insane and awesome, but I take what I can get, and I still enjoy the hell out of it. Not only do I surf but I am a surfer geek meaning I have a pretty strong knowledge of the history of surfing and I continue to look into it. My favorite surfer films are 'The Endless Summer' and the 80's classic 'North Shore'. As for modern day surfer films I big fan of 'Riding Giants', 'Step into Liquid' and 'Billabong Odyssey'. I highly recommend these movies to all of you if you have not seen them. Even if you are not a surfer these movies/documentaries will blow your mind.

This leads us into this trailer for a film that I already am looking forward to see. It is a new surfing Documentary called 'Highwater' that looks like it focuses on the waves of the Hawaiian islands the famous North Shore being the films backdrop. It focuses on the last 3 events of surfing’s pro tour, the Vans Triple Crown, and examines the heart-stopping action, triumph, and tragedy of the world’s most heralded waves. The film is being made by Dana Brown who has followed in his fathers footsteps Bruce Brown (The Endless Summer) as one of the great surfing documentary filmmakers of our time.

Check out the trailer below dudes!

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