2 New Pics of Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN 2 With and Without his Mask

by Joey Paur

Hurm. Yeah, um... Looks like a homeless guy roaming the streets of Hollywood. The image below is of Tyler Mane as the unmasked Michael Myers. The movie is shot, in the can and currently in post-production. I'll still watch it to see what Rob Zombies master plan is for the character, but I wish I could be more excited about it. What do you all think?

Rob Zombie goes on to explain on his myspace page about how much time Michael will spend in the mask. The last we heard it was 30% with 70% without, here is his response to the rumors.

"Another question that seem to have been asked quite a bit is about the mask. Their have been reports and rumors that he only wears the mask 25% of the time or not at all.


Well, the truth is the movie is just now being edited so the exact percentage of mask wearing is unclear at this point. But fear not, Michael is seen wearing the mask as much if not more than you've ever seen him wearing a mask in any Halloween film. As seen below. Enjoy."

Well that's good to hear. It's always best to get the information from the guy that actually knows what is going on. Here is another look at the homeless Myers wearing the mask.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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