Film Review: Sin Nombre

by thedude

As I walked out of the screening of Sin Nombre, I had the good fortune and incredible priveledge of walking behind the smartest man in the universe. All down the street and through the parking structure, this intellectual giant graced everyone within earshot with his nuggets of wisdom and insight as to how this film could have been better. "The film maker is clearly inexperienced" he said. "He could have sped up ____, and cut out ____ to increase dramatic effect" he raved. It is indeed a travesty that the makers of Sin Nombre did not consult this man before making their film.

Now as for me and the rest of the audience, we will just have to be content with our ignorance and live with the fact that we thought that the film was excellent.

Set in the rough streets of Southern Mexico, Sin Nombre follows Willy (Edgar Flores), a member of the violent MS 13 gang on his journey north towards the United States as he flees his violent past. The gang, of course, will not let him go so easily, and quickly puts out a "green light" hit on Willy as soon as they get wind of his fleeing. Along the way Willy meets young girl, Sayra (Paulina Gaitan), and they join forces on their journey.

The plot feels like it could have been right out of an old western. In stead of hats and horses, tatoos and home made shotguns. Our outcast outlaw, Willy, trudges on in his journey in spite of his knowledge that any attempt to flee the well networked gang will be ultimately fruitless. Though the plot is not particularly new, and perhaps even leans towards the predictable side at times, it is a reminder that a good story is a good story, period.

The depiction of frivolous violence and dire poverty are nicely offset with occasional shots of beautiful landscapes and picturesque scenery. First time Director Cary Fukunaga nicely manages to demonstrate a certain level of artistic know how without letting stylization come before story telling.

If you are looking to see a good film and dont mind a little violence (and I'm going to take the liberty to assume that you don't) or reading subtitles (that may be questionable, if you do have a problem with the subs this is one I would recommend getting over it for) Sin Nombre is worth your ten dollars.

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