TORMENTED Viral Marketing Videos

by Joey Paur

Earlier this week we showed you a trailer for a new horror/slasher film coming out called 'Tormented', and it looks like it could be a pretty fun movie. I bunch of jerk ass preppy high school kids pretty much tease one of their peers to death. It isn't until after he dies that he finds the strength and courage to come back from the dead and fight back to get revenge on those jerk asses that drove him to commit suicide.

These little viral marketing video clips below are pretty fun and the first two show you just how much of an ass the main tormentor is. Enjoy!

Alex Pettyfer Dancing

Alex Pettyfer transforms into a Dinosaur!

Death Cam- caught on CCTV

Tormented Voicemail

Scare your mates and win a new Puma bike!

And the Trailer again.

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