First 2 Episodes of G.I. JOE RESOLUTE Animated Movie

by Joey Paur

This is G.I. Joe like you have never seen it before! This animated movie 'G.I. Joe Resolute' is pretty hardcore and a hell of a lot of fun. I am certain that this web series is going to put the live-action movie to shame. I guess we'll have to wait and see. But as we wait we have these awesome animated webisodes to watch!

written by Warren Ellis this new G.I. Joe is a more sophisticated take on the characters than the old animated series, the online premiere of the show leads up to its broadcast premiere on Cartoon Network next week, which will show all of the webisodes as well as debut the final 10 minutes of the storyline.

Check out the first two episodes below!

G.I. JOE Resolute Part 1 - Pretty much set up the plot and introduces you the the characters.

G.I. JOE Resolute Part 2 - Is Snake Eyes is bad-ass action!

Source: GI Joe: Resolute

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